Welcome to Missional Call – an online resource for missionaries. I am so glad you have stopped by! Are you currently a missionary looking for fellowship with other mission workers on the field? You have come to the right place.

If you are planning for a mission trip – either short term or long term, you will find resources and advice to help prepare you to answer the call! Find out more about us here.


We started Missional Call with a three-fold mission:


  • To provide present missionaries a community where they can support one another during those first critical years of mission work and integration, fellowship and advise one another.
  • To provide future/hopeful missionaries an “one-stop-shop” place where they can find the resources and advice they need to prepare for a mission.
  • To provide former and retired missionaries a place where they feel connected to the mission field. This is accomplished through becoming contributors and advisers to Missional Call.

It is my hope and prayer that Missional Call will aid in raising awareness and interest about missions globally and that this website will become a trusted online resource for missionaries.

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