6 Tips to Promote Video Content

YouTube isn’t only about funny cat videos and bloggers showing their recent purchases. Video content is becoming a significant part of any marketing strategy, no matter what kind of product you are selling. When it

6 Tips to Promote Video Content

YouTube isn’t only about funny cat videos and bloggers showing their recent purchases. Video content is becoming a significant part of any marketing strategy, no matter what kind of product you are selling.

When it is obvious that your content has to be good, sometimes promoting it can be a confusing part of the process. Take a look at six tips on popularizing video content to make it an easy task!

Don’t ignore SEO, optimize content

You might have heard an opinion that SEO is not as effective anymore and simply good content matters way more. It is true to some extent: your content should be valuable and interesting. Still, SEO can help expose it to a broader audience and engage more users, and that’s exactly what we need, isn’t it? There are just a few rules:

  • Optimize your video for various device screen sizes

Responsiveness is a must for any type of website or content today, including videos. For instance, in the US, around 50% of time spent online is on mobile phones, so it’s critical to make sure that video can be played from various devices without any issues.

  • Insert the title, meta description, raw file name, and tags

If you don’t take good care of your videos’ titles, tags, and descriptions, no one will ever find them online. What do you do first off when having a question? Likely, you google it. And most people do. That’s why your video should be discoverable. Do some keyword research, think of what people can find out from the video, and combine all of these in the title and descriptions.

  • Design thumbnails

Just a random freeze-frame doesn’t work: it is not attractive and says nothing about the video. It can even discourage people from watching it. Design a stylish, easy-to-understand thumbnail with the video’s title or topic and a picture that is relevant and provokes interest.

Use email marketing

Your company probably sends lots of emails anyway, so adding a link to a video here and there won’t take a lot of effort but can spark some interest in your leads and customers. What can you do?

  • Link to video in your email signatures

The first and simplest way to add a video to every letter you send is to insert a link in your signature. You can do it with email signature software. Such an approach also gives a lot of space for customization and creativity.

6 Tips to Promote Video Content

For example, you can even try to draw signature.

  • Insert a video into your email newsletter

One more way to promote your video via emails is by adding it to your newsletter. You can make new videos a regular feature or connect the video with a particular topic mentioned in the letter. Or even simply present it as news — it will always be appropriate.

Work with social media

Of course, we can’t leave social media out. Let’s face it, most of the brand interactions happen there these days — from stories with updates to getting feedback in messages. Social networks can be used for sharing your new video in several ways.

  • Add a share button to your video

If you want people to share a video, make it easy for them to do so. No one will spend time copying links and so on. The best way to make sharing accessible is to post your video or YouTube, Vimeo, or other platforms where this function is automatic.

  • Pin video in your feeds

By pinning a video, you make sure that every person visiting your company’s page can see it. Whether or not they will watch it depends on its title and thumbnail, so remember about those too.

  • Create teasers for stories

If we talk about Instagram, most people now prefer stories feature in the feed. Even if you add a video to your post or IGTV, it would also make sense to make a short teaser for stories: in this way, even more users will notice it.

  • Advertise to a targeted audience

Targeted ads can be highly effective if you know how to use them right. You can hire a professional to make sure that money spent on advertising will bring you new followers and customers. Alternatively, you can also read a few articles and tutorials to learn how to target just the right audience.

Play your video at events

Usually, before the event or during breaks, organizers play music or give their guests a chance to network in silence. Playing your videos in the background can be way more entertaining. Remember that it will probably be very noisy there, so make sure that your video will be understandable even without sound. You can also play a video during the event, but it should suit the topic and can’t be too long.

Engage with communities

Forming a community around your product is a way to establish strong support and brand loyalty. If you decide to film and promote videos, make them matter to your followers. Think about what kind of value the video can bring. In other words, just explain why people should care about it.

You can encourage discussions in the comment section, ask people to suggest topics for the following video, or even offer to participate in your videos.

Outreach to influencers

Influencers are those to whom people turn for a recommendation. Collaborating with a blogger is a sure way to gain more recognition. You don’t necessarily have to choose bloggers with millions of followers; there are many so-called micro-influencers with an audience as big as a few thousand people. Collaboration with such bloggers can be even more effective if your product really suits the theme of the channel or profile.

6 Tips to Promote Video Content

Summing up: just filming is not enough

Video content can be a great part of your marketing strategy: it’s a way to highlight your product’s advantages in detail and show people behind the brand. Remember that besides filming and producing a high-quality video, you also should know how to implement it into your marketing strategy to make everything work just perfectly. We hope that our tips gave you some inspiration for your new video content promotion.

Description: Expose your video content to a broader audience and engage more users with our six simple tips.