Why a Good Mattress is Essential for a Healthy Spine?

Has it ever occurred to you that you feel more tired waking up than when you went to bed? Or you wake up with pain in your lower back or other parts of the body?

Why a Good Mattress is Essential for a Healthy Spine?

Has it ever occurred to you that you feel more tired waking up than when you went to bed? Or you wake up with pain in your lower back or other parts of the body? Or during the night, you often wake up feeling hot and dizzy. May be your partner keep tossing and turning the whole night.

While the above symptoms may be related to a serious sleeping disorder, in most of the cases they are the result of using an uncomfortable mattress. If we investigate a little, we can find that most of these problems are caused by purchasing cheap mattresses, using the wrong type of mattress or continued use of a very old worn out mattress. In this article, we shall see the close link between a healthy spine and a good mattress.

Why a Good Mattress is Essential for a Healthy Spine?

Just like our personal clothes which we choose as per our liking and disliking as well as per our preference for right size and fabric, a mattress is also a matter of personal preference and should be given utmost priority if we want a peaceful sleep and a healthy spine.

Let us learn some facts about our spine so that we can understand the relation between our spine and a good mattress. Spine is one of the most important organs of human body. In the absence of a healthy spine, you can neither keep yourself upright nor can you even stand up. It is your spine that gives your body a proper structure and support and ensures that you can move about freely and bend with flexibility as per your will. The spine is the outer covering that engulfs your spinal cord as a protective shield.

The spinal cord is store house of all those nerve tissues that connects your brain with other parts of the body. Whatever signals the brain emits from the head, it is the spinal cord that ensures that these signals reach at the desired location in the body for the desired action. Just about every kind of movement which can be performed by your body is made possible by the dense networks of brain nerves which passes through the spinal cord and connects to all other parts of the body. In the event of a spinal cord malfunction, you will not be able to move any part of your body and for all practical purposes you will be paralyzed. Some of the most unfortunate accidents that damage spine or spinal cord often results into complete or partial paralysis of the body. As such, if you want to live and active life, you must keep your spine healthy.

Spine is a structure made up of 24 small bones (known as vertebrae) stacked on top of each other to constitute the spinal column. Between each vertebra is located a soft, gel-like cushion (known as disc in medical terminology) that helps in absorbing pressure and keeping the bones from rubbing against each other. Each vertebra is held to the other vertebra by groups of ligaments (tissues which connect bones to bones). There are real joints called facet joints in spinal columns just like knee joints which link the vertebrae together and provides them the flexibility to move against each other.

In its centre, each vertebra has a hole which helps them to form a hollow tube when stack on top of each other that holds and protects the entire spinal cord and its nerve roots. There are three main segments of the spine namely the cervical spine – the upper part, the thoracic spine- the centre part and the lumbar spine- the lower part. Below the lumbar spine is the sacrum – a group of specialized vertebrae that connects the spine to the pelvis.

Being such an important part of the body, spine has its utility for us the whole life. Throughout the day in our waking state, the whole body is supported by spine. It maintains and balances the body in the moments of jerks and uneven movements throughout the day. Naturally, such tense movements give rise to weariness and loss of energy in the whole body and particularly in the spinal area. To recover, we need a good sleep to recoup our lost energy. Sleep is the only time when our ligaments, muscles, and spine can totally relax after a busy day. It provides the body a resting period which is essential to maintain its optimum function and spinal health. That is why it is of paramount importance to sleep properly. This is why we all need a perfect mattress that can add to our sleep process by providing complete rest to our vital organs like spine.

Why a Good Mattress is Essential for a Healthy Spine?

The role of a good mattress is to maintain the same natural spinal alignment which we all have while standing. It performs this role by properly fitting with our body shape. It also balances out the entire body weight evenly and minimize any undue pressure point. This way, a mattress helps in relaxing the muscles in their correct state and length and thus enables us to sleep well and wake up rejuvenated.

If you sleep on mattress that doesn’t support your body properly, it may lead to a bad sleep posture that will strain your muscles and result in unnatural alignment of the spine. It is no wonder that many people who might be suffering from spine problems for years finally realize that their problem was due to sleeping on an uncomfortable mattress.

So, you can see that for a healthy life, a perfect spine is utmost important whose overall well being depends on a good comfortable mattress. In the modern times where our bodies are subjected to numerous mental and physical pressures, a calm and sound sleep is the need of the hour. For ensuring such peaceful sleep we all should choose our mattress wisely.

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