How much time does it take to climb sinhagad?

How much time does it take to climb sinhagad? Approx 2 hrs for climbing to the top and abt the same for return if you go in normal pace. over a year ago. It would

How much time does it take to climb sinhagad?

Approx 2 hrs for climbing to the top and abt the same for return if you go in normal pace. over a year ago. It would usually take 1-2 hours going upwards faster if you do it regularly. If you spare time to view the fort area then add 2 more hours.

Is sinhagad easy to climb?

Difficulty Level and Other useful tips: Difficulty level is Very Easy. For a regular trekker it would hardly take 40 mins to reach to the top of the fort. The ideal time to visit Sinhagad would be during the monsoon season or winter season.

Is sinhagad open for trekking?

Commissioner Amitabh Gupta confirmed that Pune rural police is currently not allowing trekkers to visit Sinhagad. A. An RT-PCR negative test report is mandatory if you and others are flying from Pune to Delhi, the police commissioner has confirmed. Commissioner Gupta said they will need RT-PCR-negative reports.

Why people visit Sinhagad fort?

Sinhgad Fort is a hill fortress near Pune, which is most visited by the youngsters in the city. They built the fort in such a way as to provide natural protection with the steep rocks on one side and a valley road on another side. Today many people visit the fort for knowing Sinhagad’s history or trekking.

How difficult is sinhagad Trek?

The Sinhagad trek is not very difficult and is do-able for amateurs. For a regular trekker, it would hardly take 40 minutes to complete. The trek can be visited at any time of the year.

Can we climb sinhagad fort?

Trek Up. Sinhagad becomes exquisitely green and beautiful during the rains and so trekking up the fort in those misty early morning is the best way to explore it. On an average, it will take you anywhere between 45-90 mins to reach the top depending on your level of fitness.

Is sinhagad open on weekends?

Sinhagad means Lion’s Fort, and it is on a hill among the Sahyadri Mountains….Sinhagad Fort Pune Timings.

Day Timing
Friday 6:00 am – 6:00 pm
Saturday 6:00 am – 6:00 pm
Sunday 6:00 am – 6:00 pm

What is the Speciality of Sinhagad fort?

The Sinhagad (Lion’s Fort) was strategically built to provide natural protection due to its very steep slopes. The walls and bastions were constructed only at key places. There are two gates to enter the fort, the Kalyan Darwaza and Pune Darwaza, positioned at the southeast and northeast ends.

What is the height of Sinhagad fort?


Sinhagad Fort
Coordinates 18°21′56.39″N 73°45′18.97″ECoordinates: 18°21′56.39″N 73°45′18.97″E
Type Hill Fort
Height 1312m(4304ft)
Site information

How many steps are in Raigad Fort?

1737 steps
Known as the “Gibraltar of the East” by the Europeans, the Raigad Fort is a majestic and aesthetically appealing hill fort in the district of Raigad, Maharashtra. Located 820 meters above sea level in the Sahyadri mountain range, the fort can be accessed by a single pathway comprising of 1737 steps.

Is it safe to go to Sinhagad fort?

If you wish to have peaceful trip avoid weekend rush. However since road condition is improved, it is safe to take vehicle to upper level. But in case your ascent is delayed then weekend rush will create problems for parking as well as taking vehicle downside.

Can we visit Sinhagad fort now?

Sinhagad Fort is open throughout the year. And you can visit it between 6 AM and 6 PM on any day you want.