How long does red sandalwood take to grow?

How long does red sandalwood take to grow? It takes 15 years for the sandalwood tree to grow, but the returns are very high.” What is the cost of red sandalwood per ton? For the

How long does red sandalwood take to grow?

It takes 15 years for the sandalwood tree to grow, but the returns are very high.”

What is the cost of red sandalwood per ton?

For the second round, the Government has fixed a starting price of Rs 12 lakh per tonne for C grade, Rs 20 lakh per tonne for B grade and Rs 30 lakh per tonne for A grade sandalwood.

What is the cost of red sandalwood plant?

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How many years does a sandalwood tree take to grow?

The tree starts flowering after around seven years, and the tree trunk develops fragrant heartwood after 10 years. Sandalwood saplings should be planted in well drained soil and watered frugally on alternate days. Reduce the volume of water as the years go by.

Which Chandan is costly white or red?

Although Sandalwood has many species but only two of them i.e.White Sandalwood and Red Sandalwood are most widely cultivated. Due to its therapeutic and cosmetic value White Sandalwood is quite expensive.

Is red sandalwood banned in India?

Because S. album is highly valued in India and uncontrolled harvesting have cause populations to dwindle in recent years, India has imposed an export ban on Sandalwood and instated conservation measures to protect the species in the country.

How much does a sandalwood tree cost?

After the age of seven to eight years, the heartwood of a sandalwood tree grows by 1 kg every year, and its market price is between Rs 3,000 and Rs 6,000 per kg. It is the only wood in the world to be sold by weight.

Is it legal to grow sandalwood?

It is not illegal to grow sandalwood trees in India. In-fact, the forest department distributes the sandalwood saplings as part of social forestry program. States like Karnataka has legalized commercial plantation of Sandalwood.

Where to plant red sandalwood in South India?

Red Sandalwood grows well in red soils on high altitudes of the Eastern Ghats in Kadapa, Kurnool, Chittoor and Nellore districts of Andhra Pradesh, South India. Choose a planting site with a blend of loam and sand that drains well and dig a hole about a foot deep and fill it with water.

How much profit can you make from red sandalwood?

In one Acre of land, a total number of plants will be around 435 plants planted at the distance of 10 x 10 ft. The farmer can earn a profit of about 2.4 crores in 14 to 15 years. The yield of red sandalwood depends on the variety, soil type, climate, water facility, and cultivation practices.

When do you irrigate a red sandalwood plant?

The Red Sandalwood plants are irrigated immediately after transplantation. After that, irrigation is done on alternate days up to 15 days. After the seedlings get established, irrigation can be done at an interval of 10–15 days, depending on the weather conditions. Leaf-eating caterpillars have been found to damage the crop from April to May.

How big does a red sandalwood plant need to be?

Normally, the stump-raised seedlings or stumps obtained from two-year-old nursery plants are transplanted. A Red Sandalwood plant population of about 600 per hectare is recommended with a spacing of 4 m × 4 m. These can be planted near the boundaries farmhouses, farmlands, and gardens.