How do I access a LiveSchool?

How do I access a LiveSchool? You can access LiveSchool from from your phone, tablet, or computer. Or you can download the LiveSchool Parent app from the App store or from Google play –

How do I access a LiveSchool?

You can access LiveSchool from from your phone, tablet, or computer. Or you can download the LiveSchool Parent app from the App store or from Google play – just search “LiveSchool Parent.”

How much does LiveSchool cost?

LiveSchool is available for an annual subscription that depends on the number of users in a school: under 25 users is $99 per user per year; 26 to 50 users is $89 per user per year; 51 to 100 users is $79 per user per year.

What is LiveSchool app?

LiveSchool is a web-based app that teachers and administrators can use from any device. Quickly track behavior points for the great things your students do every day! LiveSchool is 100% free for up to 5 teachers. We also offer a premium school-wide platform.

How can I reward my students online?

Virtual Rewards That Work For In-Person And Online Classrooms

  1. Collect digital reward tags.
  2. Try digital stickers.
  3. Award ClassDojo points.
  4. Take a virtual field trip.
  5. Send them an ebook.
  6. Play Classcraft.
  7. Give them a social media shout-out.
  8. Create or contribute to the classroom playlist.

How can I keep track of my house points? is the easiest way to keep track of points for each House and instantly award points to a student on the spot. Whether using PBIS or another behavior management system, the RCA House Points application is an excellent motivational tool to support your school environment.

How do you get premium on Classcraft?

While you can play Classcraft for free, purchasing Classcraft Premium will unlock several benefits and features. You can purchase a single Premium license by clicking on the “Upgrade” in the main menu (click on your profile picture in the top right corner) or in your account profile.

What are some good virtual rewards?

10. Pass out virtual rewards coupons

  • Homework Pass.
  • Wear a Hat to Class.
  • Choose the Book for Storytime.
  • Play an Online Game With Your Teacher.
  • Turn in an Assignment Late.

What are house points?

House point systems are a common and traditional feature in schools to encourage healthy competition and group loyalty among pupils. It works as follows: Each pupil is allocated to a house when they join the school. Pupils earn house points for good work, behaviour or participation, for example.

What is the best Classcraft character?

Mages are more at risk of falling since they can only acquire a maximum of 30 HP. If you’re confident that you can survive on low HP with the help of your teammates (ie., you rarely get in trouble in class), and you like the idea of using lots of powers, then the Mage is a great pick.

Where can I download the liveschool student app?

You can download LiveSchool Student onto your iPhone, iPad, or Android phone – just search for “LiveSchool Student” in the app store. You can also use LiveSchool on a laptop or PC. HOW CAN I GET MORE POINTS?

How does liveschool make school more fun for students?

LiveSchool is an edtech startup helping to make school more engaging and fun for students. When students are engaged in school, learning improves. We help your child’s school engage every student with positive, consistent behavior systems. By using LiveSchool, teachers and administrators can gamify behavior improvement for students.

How do you create a liveschool student account?

Create a LiveSchool account! Go to, enter your code, email, and password, and create your account! You can use any username to create a LiveSchool account, as long as it’s in an email format and does not already exist in LIveSchool.

How are the points earned on liveschool used at school?

Schools all around the world are using LiveSchool to enable students to electronically earn points for encouraged behaviors and deduct points for discouraged behaviors on a school-wide standardized set of expectations. These points accumulate in an account where the students can redeem them for rewards such as: