How can I speed up my Tatkal ticket?

How can I speed up my Tatkal ticket? 5 Best Tatkal Software to Book IRCTC Tatkal Ticket Fast in 2021 Using AutoFill Extension (90% Success) Using Magic AutoFill by Amit Agrawal (A Tool 79% Success)

How can I speed up my Tatkal ticket?

5 Best Tatkal Software to Book IRCTC Tatkal Ticket Fast in 2021

  1. Using AutoFill Extension (90% Success)
  2. Using Magic AutoFill by Amit Agrawal (A Tool 79% Success)
  3. Mobile IRCTC Official App with Saved Passenger List.
  4. By Disabling Anti-Virus Software.
  5. By Selecting Reliable Payment Option (Obviously PayTM)

How can I book Tatkal quota in Irctc?

  1. The “Train List” page appears.
  2. Select Quota as TATKAL by click on radio button.
  3. Find the Train and click on the class in the train list then it will show the details with availability.
  4. To book tickets, click on “Book Now” link under availability option.

Can we login before 10 for tatkal booking?

Save some time by entering passenger details beforehand. Login into the irctc website 5-10 minutes ago and do these before 10am for ac ticket and 11am for non-ac ticket.

Is Tatkal booking allowed in 2021?

No, you can’t. Tatkal ticket can not be booked at any time. there are specific hours to book tatkal tickets online that ie. 10am for AC coaches and 11am for SL coaches on the daily basis.

Can I book premium Tatkal on same day?

The train ticket under the IRCTC premium tatkal quota can be booked on or after 10 am only. The Advance Reservation Period (ARP) of premium tatkal ticket booking is same as tatkal ticket booking. Therefore, the premium tatkal tickets can be booked before one day of the scheduled departure of the train.

How to book Tatkal ticket online in IRCTC?

For Confirm Tatkal Ticket Booking, You have to follow some steps. Step 1 Just go to google and type IRCTC then click search. The first result showing here the IRCTC Website, just click on them. Now your IRCTC website opens. Now Click on Login, enter your login details.

How to book Tatkal ticket fast using autofill?

Visit an IRCTC Authorised Agent. Give the agent all the required to book a ticket. During the Tatkal Booking hours, the agent will book the ticket for you. The Agent also uses IRCTC Magic Autofill sometimes while booking the tickets as the agent will have so many tickets to book.

How to book Tatkal ticket using Paytm official website?

Booking a Ticket in Tatkal Quota using a Paytm official website or the Mobile Application is quite easy and similar to the normal IRCTC Tatkal ticketing procedure. The procedure will be as follows. Click on the “Train Tickets” option on the homepage. Select the From/To fields and click on the “Show Trains”.

Can You book more than one Tatkal ticket at once?

But as per rules under the booking of tatkal tickets, only 4 passengers can be booked at once for a single journey. Fill up all the details asked and required, then click on the “Submit” where you will be shown the preview of your journey details and can be proceeded to the Payment portal there itself.