How big was Spinosaurus compared to T-Rex?

How big was Spinosaurus compared to T-Rex? The ultimate grudge match? Spinosaurus T. rex Length 40-50 feet (12-15 m) 33-45 feet (10-14 m) Weight 4-6 tons 5-7 tons Era Middle Cretaceous Late Cretaceous Fossils found

How big was Spinosaurus compared to T-Rex?

The ultimate grudge match?

Spinosaurus T. rex
Length 40-50 feet (12-15 m) 33-45 feet (10-14 m)
Weight 4-6 tons 5-7 tons
Era Middle Cretaceous Late Cretaceous
Fossils found North Africa, South Asia North America, Mongolia

Are Spinosaurus bigger than T Rexes?

There is a new king of the dinosaurs in town. As long as a school bus and as heavy as an elephant, the Spinosaurus was the largest predatory (animal-eating) dinosaur to have existed — even bigger than Tyrannosaurus rex.

Is Spinosaurus stronger than T-Rex?

The Spinosaurus was larger, but the T-Rex was stronger and had an immense bite force that was much greater than a Spinosaurus’s bite. We know that the T-Rex was faster, stronger, and more intelligent than the Spinosaurus, but what other advantages did it have over the Spinosaurus?

What is the difference between T-Rex and Spinosaurus?

Regarding their actual size, the Spinosaurus was between 12.8 and 18 meters long (42 and 60 feet) and weighed between 7 and 22 tons. Though, the T-Rex was smaller, while it was in existence, it was the largest dinosaur on the Earth. The Spinosaurus had a crocodile-like appearance with a long skull with a narrow snout.

What was bigger than at Rex?

Spinosaurus was larger than both T. rex and Giganotosaurus, which was previously the largest carnivorous dinosaur known. But it’s unclear just how big Spinosaurus was, due to incomplete fossils.

Would a T. rex beat a Spinosaurus?

In one of the most hated moments of the Jurassic Park franchise, the Spinosaurus managed to beat a Tyrannosaurus Rex in the last installment of the original trilogy, Jurassic Park III. rex opponent puts up a pretty good fight, the Spinosaurus emerges victorious after it snaps its rival’s neck between its jaws.

What is the deadliest dinosaur in the world?

Tyrannosaurus rex
Tyrannosaurus rex looked the most ferocious of all the dinosaurs, but in terms of overall cunning, determination and its array of vicious weapons it was Utahraptor that was probably the fiercest of all.

Who would actually win T. rex or Spinosaurus?

Yes, the Spinosaurus was markedly larger than the T. Rex, but it also lacked the muscle and bite power to do any serious damage. Meanwhile, the T. rex had a powerful bite, but it also lacked speed and agility.

Would a Giganotosaurus beat a T. rex?

rex is not the largest dinosaur in history. The Giganotosaurus wins this round. Weighing up to 14 tons (Around 8000 kg) for the larger ones and ranging in length from 40 to 43 feet, they defeat Sue, the largest and most complete specimen of a T. rex, which weighed about 9 tons and was about 40 feet long.

Which is bigger a Spinosaurus or a Tyrannosaurus rex?

For the longest time, Tyrannosaurus rex has been heralded as the king of dinosaurs, but in the minds of science fiction lovers, Rex’s supremacy has been challenged by the larger, yet lighter, Spinosaurus.

How big was the Spinosaurus when it became extinct?

Different estimates have placed the spinosaurus between 12.8 and 18 meters long, and weighing between 7 and 20.9 tonnes. When T. Rex es roamed the earth, they were among the largest dinosaurs on the planet. (By that time, spinosaurus had become extinct.) The largest specimen found is 12.3 meters long and 4 meters tall at the hips.

How big was the Tyrannosaurus rex when it was discovered?

Tyrannosaurus rex, a therapod dinosaur (which would later evolve into birds), has reigned as a king of sorts in the imaginations of humans ever since its first discovery in 1874. (Breithaupt) Tyrannosaurus rex stood about 42 feet tall, (Erickson) and weighed 7 to 8 tons.

How big was the biggest dinosaur of all time?

The Spinosaurus was the largest meat eating (carnivorous) dinosaur of all time, weighing anywhere between 7 and 20 tons and possibly reaching up to 17 metres (55 feet) in length. For more information on this interesting dinosaur check out our Spinosaurus facts page.