Where can I read new static shock comics?

Where can I read new static shock comics? Static: Season One is on stands and available to read on DC UNIVERSE INFINITE today. What comic is static shock based on? The show revolves around Virgil

Where can I read new static shock comics?

Static: Season One is on stands and available to read on DC UNIVERSE INFINITE today.

What comic is static shock based on?

The show revolves around Virgil Hawkins, an African-American boy who uses the secret identity of “Static” after exposure to a mutagen gas during a gang fight which gave him electromagnetic powers….

Static Shock
Created by Dwayne McDuffie Denys Cowan Michael Davis Derek Dingle
Based on Static by Milestone Media

Is Comic book a static media?

After the closing of Milestone Comics, Static was incorporated into the DC Universe and became a member of the Teen Titans. Static has made numerous appearances in other forms of media….Static (DC Comics)

Team affiliations Heroes Justice League S.T.A.R. Labs Teen Titans Young Justice Shadow Cabinet Outsiders
Notable aliases Static

Is Static Shock Black Lightning son?

And for those who are wondering, no, Black Lightning is NOT the father of Static Shock. We know, they are both black and are two of many black superheroes with electricity powers, but they are not related, although Static is revealed to have been a fan of Black Lightning.

Can static shock become pure electricity?

Static Shock can turn himself into pure electricity and fry his enemies if he so chooses, but prefers to use his Static Saucer to chase after the bad guys.

Is static shock a good show?

Static Shock is an excellent show, for modern Saturday Morning fare. It is based on Static, one of Milestone Comics’ flagship titles, and a very good comic book.

Who has Static Shock defeated?

DC: 5 Marvel Villains Static Could Defeat (& 5 He Would Lose To)

  • 3 DEFEAT: Green Goblin.
  • 4 LOSE TO: Thanos.
  • 5 DEFEAT: Sandman.
  • 6 LOSE TO: Wizard.
  • 7 DEFEAT: Shocker.
  • 8 LOSE TO: Klaw.
  • 9 DEFEAT: Blob.
  • 10 LOSE TO: Magneto. When it comes to electromagnetism, Static is one of the most powerful heroes around.

Is Static Shock immune to electricity?

Power Absorption: Static is vulnerable to having his power stolen from an outside force, such as the fellow electrokinetic Prometheus. Hence, the electrostatic bolts generated by the mad doctor Byron Kilgore caused pain to Static, who is normally immune to the effects of high voltage electricity.

What is static media example?

Static media—this refers to content that doesn’t change. For example, an advertisement in a newspaper or magazine is static, because it remains as printed. Static media can also refer to those parts of your website that rarely change. It may include landing pages, homepages and white papers.

Who was the 1st black superhero?

the Black Panther
The first black superhero in mainstream American comic books is Marvel’s the Black Panther, an African who first appeared in Fantastic Four No. 52 (July 1966). He was originally conceived by Jack Kirby as a character named “Coal Tiger”.

How do you stop static shocks?

Stop Being Zapped: Skin Tips

  1. Stay Moisturized. Keeping your skin hydrated is one way to reduce the effects of static shock.
  2. Wear Low-Static Fabrics & Shoes. Rubber-soled shoes are insulators and build up static on your body.
  3. Add Baking Soda to Your Laundry.

Who are the villains in Static Shock?

Type of Villain. Tragic Supervillain. Ivan Evans, better known as Ebon, is one of the main antagonist of the Static Shock animated series. He the leader of the Meta-Breed and one of Static and Gears’ arch enemies along with Hotstreak.

How does Static Shock get his powers?

Static Shock was about a boy named Virgil Hawkins who got powers in the form of static electricity, from a mutanic gas, called the Big Bang. He along with the help of his best friend Richie Foley fight othes who inhaled the gas, called: bang babies or metahumans, that use their powers for evil. Virgil ‘s alter ego is Static.

Is Static Shock a superhero?

Static Shock is an American animated television series based on the Milestone Media/DC Comics superhero Static.

What is static comic?

Static (DC Comics) Static is a fictional superhero appearing in American comic books published by DC Comics. The character, a creation of Milestone Comics founders Dwayne McDuffie , Denys Cowan, Michael Davis, and Derek Dingle was initially written by McDuffie and Robert L. Washington III and illustrated by John Paul Leon.