How do you dispute Factual Data?

How do you dispute Factual Data? If a Factual Data client requested a copy of your credit report through our system and there is inaccurate or incomplete information appearing on it, you can dispute that

How do you dispute Factual Data?

If a Factual Data client requested a copy of your credit report through our system and there is inaccurate or incomplete information appearing on it, you can dispute that information by contacting us via fax, mail or phone.

Is Factual Data a legit company?

Factual Data is a leading provider of independent verification services to mortgage lenders, banks, credit unions, property management firms, and other businesses. Combining innovative services with cutting-edge technology and industry-leading customer service, Factual Data enables prompt, accurate decisions.

Is Kroll Factual Data A consumer reporting agency?

Factual Data Credit Inquiry Factual Data Corp, or FDC, is a credit reporting agency employed by lenders to obtain potential borrowers’ credit reports from Experian, Equifax, and TransUnion. They may show up on your credit history as Kroll Factual Data, Inc or Kroll Factual Data.

Is Kroll the same as Factual Data?

Kroll will acquire Factual Data by merging a wholly-owned subsidiary of Kroll into Factual Data. As a result of the merger, Factual Data will become a wholly-owned subsidiary of Kroll.

How do I contact factual data?

Factual Data Contact Information

  1. Address: 5100 Hahns Peak Drive.
  2. City: Loveland.
  3. State: Colorado.
  4. Zip Code: 80538.
  5. Phone: 800-929-3400.
  6. Website:
  7. Email: [email protected].

What is a factual credit dispute?

Factual Disputes. Consumers engaging in credit repair mainly dispute all negative information, whether the information is correct or not, in the hopes it will not be verified and thus deleted from your credit report.

What does Kroll Factual Data do?

Kroll Factual Data Inc. provides risk mitigation, credit reporting, and independent verification services. The Company offers credit and capacity, identity and investigation, collateral and property, and business and professional verification services.

What kind of company is factual data?

Factual Data® is a leading provider of merged credit reports, flood zone determinations, and data verification services to the mortgage lending industry.

Is CBCInnovis now factual data?

CBCInnovis has changed its name to Factual Data by CBC to align with Factual Data’s recent efforts to unify both companies under the same brand.

Is CBCInnovis now Factual Data?

What kind of company is Factual Data?

What is the difference between verbal and factual disputes?

Verbal disputes are often contrasted with factual disputes, where disagreements have to do with different opinions about facts and not meaning. If someone thinks Sydney is the capital of Australia and others disagree, then the disagreement is a factual one.

How to dispute a factual data credit report?

Factual Data Consumer Assistance PO Box 1667 Pittsburgh, PA 15230. Factual Data Dispute Fax Number: Attention Consumer Assistance 866-516-3502. Factual Data Dispute Phone Number: 877-237-8317. Factual Data will have 30 days to investigate your dispute and make any corrections.

What happens if a factual data report is wrong?

Under the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA), credit reporting agencies like Factual Data must be sure that the information they report is accurate and up-to-date. Errors on your Factual Data reports cause you to be denied housing.

What should be included in a dispute letter?

Your letter should identify each item you dispute, state the facts, explain why you dispute the information, and ask that the business that supplied the information take action to have it removed or corrected. You may want to enclose a copy of your report with the item (s) in question circled.

Where do I go to dispute my credit report?

You can contact the nationwide credit reporting companies online, by mail, or by phone. When disputing, refer to your credit report so that you can correctly and fully identify the information that you are disputing.