What book has the best twist?

What book has the best twist? 10 books with the best plot twists Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn. Fight Club by Chuck Palahniuk. And Then There Were None by Agatha Christie. My Sister’s Keeper by

What book has the best twist?

10 books with the best plot twists

  1. Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn.
  2. Fight Club by Chuck Palahniuk.
  3. And Then There Were None by Agatha Christie.
  4. My Sister’s Keeper by Jodie Picoult.
  5. Shutter Island by Dennis Lehane.
  6. Fingersmith by Sarah Waters.
  7. I am Legend by Richard Matheson.
  8. Before I Go To Sleep by S.J. Watson.

How do you end a story with a twist?

Think Like a Pro

  1. Kill off a seemingly important character.
  2. Let your character discover a plot twist organically.
  3. Elevate a seemingly minor character.
  4. Have your big reveal instigate a twist ending.
  5. Make sure your plot twist is earned.

What is a good thriller book to read?

Best Thrillers of All Time

  • The Talented Mr. Ripley, Ripley Under Ground, Ripley’s Game.
  • Gone Girl. by Gillian Flynn.
  • Those Bones Are Not My Child. by Toni Cade Bambara.
  • Enduring Love. by Ian McEwan.
  • The Shining. by Stephen King.
  • The Widow. by Fiona Barton.
  • One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest. by Ken Kesey.
  • Strangers. by Dean Koontz.

What do you read after plot?

11 Books You Need to Read If You Love a Juicy Plot Twist

  • 1 The Couple Next Door – Shari Lapena.
  • 2 Sharp Objects – Gillian Flynn.
  • 3 Big Little Lies – Liane Moriarty.
  • 4 Monday’s Not Coming – Tiffany D.
  • 5 In a Dark, Dark Wood – Ruth Ware.
  • 6 The Girl on The Train – Paula Hawkins.
  • 7 Me Before You – Jojo Moyes.

What is a good twist ending?

A good twist ending is one that both surprises the audience but also feels inevitable within the logic of the plot. A good twist ending will be one that the audience can immediately take in and comprehend, revealing to them a side of the story that they could sense was there but couldn’t put their finger on.

Do books need plot twists?

Generally speaking, they are not necessary, but they are making the ride more… thrilling. On the other hand, a good thrill ride would likely have loops, but it’s not the number and size of them that makes the ride good. So, put twists in your story, but don’t add twists just for the sake of it.

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