How can I check my Royal Mail shares?

How can I check my Royal Mail shares? If you want to check whether you are eligible for Free Shares, you can call the Royal Mail Employee Share Offers Helpline on 0800 012 12 13

How can I check my Royal Mail shares?

If you want to check whether you are eligible for Free Shares, you can call the Royal Mail Employee Share Offers Helpline on 0800 012 12 13 or read the terms and conditions on pages 34-35.

How do I contact equiniti?

Phone: Shareholders helpline: 0371 384 2030 (International +44 121 415 7047). Open Monday to Friday 9.00am to 5.00pm. Certificated Shares and Shareview Dealing: 0345 603 7037 (International +44 121 415 7560).

How do I cash in my Royal Mail shares?

Telephone dealing Speak to one of our Investment Services team to sell your shares. This service is available to shareholders with certificates and participants in the Royal Mail Nominee Share Service. Call us on 0845 268 0282 (from overseas +44 121 415 0250). Lines are open: Monday – Friday 8.00am to 4.30pm.

Do I lose my shares if I leave Royal Mail?

If you leave Royal Mail in the first three years after you are given your Free Shares, you may lose them. After three years you will be allowed to keep the shares, but they will need to come out of the SIP and you may have to pay income tax and National Insurance depending on the reason you left Royal Mail.

What was the launch price of Royal Mail shares?

It is a year since the UK government sold a 60% stake in Royal Mail through an Initial Public Offering on the London Stock Exchange. More than 700,000 members of the public bought shares at a launch price of £3.30.

Do Royal Mail workers get shares?

It is expected to be welcomed by postal workers, who were each given 613 shares when the business was first privatised in 2013, and who today still own 8% of the business. Employees have been able to sell shares tax-free since 2018.

How do I sell my shares with Equiniti?

You can buy and sell share certificates online for any company where Equiniti is the registrar.

  1. You don’t need an account to trade, pay a one-off fee.
  2. Receive real-time prices when you make your trade.
  3. Realise the current value of your share certificates.
  4. Sell your share certificates to reduce the risk of holding paper.

What is the best way to sell Santander shares?

If your shares* are held in the Santander Nominee Service, then they can be sold through Shareview Dealing. Please be aware that this Postal, Online and Telephone Share Dealing Service is offered by Equiniti Financial Services Limited, who operate the Santander Nominee Service for and on behalf of Santander.

How do I buy Royal Mail shares?

How to buy shares in Royal Mail

  1. Choose a platform. If you’re a beginner, our share-dealing table below can help you choose.
  2. Open your account.
  3. Confirm your payment details.
  4. Search the platform for stock code: RMG in this case.
  5. Research Royal Mail shares.
  6. Buy your Royal Mail shares.

Why have Royal Mail shares dropped so much?

Royal Mail shares fell by 8% on Wednesday after first-half results failed to reassure investors, amid growing competition and increasing threats to the universal postal service.

How much tax do I pay on Royal Mail shares?

Basic rate taxpayers will need to pay 20% income tax and 12% NI, while higher rate taxpayers will pay 40% income tax and 2% NI (assuming the full amount of NI at 12% has already been paid).

How many Royal Mail shares did people get?

Chief executive Simon Thompson said: “Our people delivered”. Royal Mail is paying a 10p dividend to investors, which include postal workers who own 8% of the shares. The divi is worth £100 million in total — or about £60 to a postie who kept the 613 shares they received when the business was privatised.