Can I rent a car with a debit card in Iceland?

Can I rent a car with a debit card in Iceland? Most car rental companies in Iceland require customers to have a valid credit card to be able to rent a car. Debit cards are

Can I rent a car with a debit card in Iceland?

Most car rental companies in Iceland require customers to have a valid credit card to be able to rent a car. Debit cards are accepted through our online booking system and are perfectly sufficient to secure a rental car without a credit card. Bookings are still accepted through a credit card.

Are car rentals in Iceland expensive?

Rental car prices in Iceland have usually been quite high when compared to the US and Europe, in part due to mandatory insurance requirements and high taxes. However the current prices are highly unusual.

Do car rental companies accept prepaid credit cards?

Enterprise and Hertz both allow you to use a prepaid card to pay for your rental car. Some Enterprise locations accept cash and money orders for final payments only, while others allow you to secure a rental this way. Hertz accepts prepaid cards for final payment only.

Can I rent an automatic car in Iceland?

Automatic car rental in Iceland is widely available; however, if you know how to drive both transmissions, then you should read this post. Public transport is fantastic within Reykjavík, but once you leave, you’re better off with the freedom of renting a car.

Can you use a credit debit card to rent a car?

Renting a car with a Debit Card Debit/Check cards are considered to be any non-credit card bearing the VISA, Mastercard® or Discover logo. Disembarking passengers will be asked to provide a credit card or debit card with funds to cover the cost of the rental.

Can debit card be used to rent a car?

Can I rent a car with a debit card? Yes, most U.S. Avis locations accept debit cards with the Visa or MasterCard logo as credit identification at the time of rental if you are at least 25. A hold is usually placed on the funds in your account for at least the estimated cost of the rental.

Does Hertz accept prepaid credit cards?

Hertz will not accept debit cards or prepaid cash cards as a form of payment or guarantee at the time of reservation, or time of pickup. You must present a valid and accepted charge card mentioned above, at the beginning of the rental. Debit cards may be used for payment upon return.

What is required to rent a car?

What do you need to rent a car? Meet the renting location’s minimum age requirements. Have a valid driver’s license. Be able to provide an acceptable form of payment.

Can you rent a car in Reykjavik Iceland?

For those who only have a couple of days in Iceland, you can get a cheap car hire in Reykjavik to explore the area. Your car rental will allow you to enjoy a couple of one-day excursions out of the city.

Which is the cheapest way to visit Reykjavik Iceland?

The Reykjavík City Card is the easiest and most inexpensive way to experience our favorite city! The Reykjavík City Card offers free entry to a great selection of museums and galleries, all swimming pools in Reykjavík, and free unlimited travel by bus within the Reykjavik Capital Area.

Where do I get my Reykjavik City card?

Visit Reykjavík uses Borgun payment gateway to receive payment. We accept the following credit and debit cards: Buyers receive a voucher via email and can then pick up the City Card at the following locations: Customers have 24 hours to return or exchange their purchase once a sale has been processed.

Is it illegal to go off road in Iceland?

While you may get the urge to do a little bit of off-roading in such a vehicle, you are advised not to. Going off-road in Iceland is illegal, and your joy ride will end with a hefty fine if you are caught. When driving your Iceland rental car in the city, you will be asked to obey the 50 km/h speed limit (Reykjavik included).