How do I get certified in archery?

How do I get certified in archery? In order to become certified, the candidate instructor must be at least 18 years of age, and have held a level 2 certification for at least a year.

How do I get certified in archery?

In order to become certified, the candidate instructor must be at least 18 years of age, and have held a level 2 certification for at least a year. Alternatively, if the instructor has three years of experience as an archery instructor, they can ‘test out’ of their Level 2 certification.

What is NTS archery?

The National Training System (N.T.S.) is the official method of shooting form that coaches are required to learn in order to be certified by USA Archery. Created by Kisik Lee, the NTS is based on his analysis of body control, muscular requirements, and mental concentration needed to generate a good shot.

What is a level 2 archery instructor?

If you want to help people who already shoot to learn how to train and take their archery to the next level, then the Development Coach course will deepen your understanding of the coaching knowledge, attributes, and practices, to be successful.

Can I teach archery?

The simple answer is yes, archery can be self taught if you study everything that you can, ask experienced archers for help, constantly strive to perfect your form, put in a lot of practice and keep safety as your number one priority at all times.

Do you need insurance for archery?

If you were to go to an archery club or shooting grounds, most shoots will ask you to provide proof of insurance before you’re allowed to participate. Accidents unfortunately can and do happen. These accidents can be devastating, never mind expensive. This is why Public Liability is essential should something go wrong.

What is a Level 4 Archery coach?

The Level 4-NTS Coach course provides education and training on coaching, communication, sports science in archery, psychology and biomechanics with a large emphasis on the National Training System (NTS).

What are the 3 points of anchor for an Olympic anchor?

There are three main components when developing a consistent anchor point: release-to-hand contact, hand-to-face contact, and string-to-face contact. All of three of these points are crucial in assuring repeatability in your form and becoming the best archer or bow hunter you can be.

Can I learn archery at home?

You can learn how to shoot archery on your own without a trainer or formal lessons. You should make sure you get the right bow for the shooting you plan to do. Archery clubs are a pretty good way to get some experience, and if you need some basic instruction, you can look at getting group lessons.

Which coaching position is the best position to watch an archer take their first shot?

The instructor should stand face-to-face with the archer, just behind the Shooting Line. This is the best position to watch an archer take his or her first shot. The instructor may use this position to evaluate an archer’s grip, arm strength, ability to draw the bow and release the bowstring.

How to get online certification in USA Archery?

In the menu of options under your Profile, scroll down and select Access USA Archery Education Hub. You will be automatically directed to the USA Archery Education Hub where you will complete your online course.

What does level 1 archery instructor certification do?

The USA Archery Level 1 Instructor certification course provides graduates the necessary tools to maintain a high level of safety both on and off the archery range for camps and beginner archery programs.

Why is it important to become a certified archery coach?

Obtaining a certification not only provides you with valuable knowledge and hands-on skills, but also boosts the marketing value of your program. USA Archery, the National Field Archery Association and the Archery Shooters Association jointly recognize all certification levels.

How to become a judge for USA Archery?

The title of USA Archery Judge Emeritus is awarded to USA Archery Judge for distinguished judge and official service to USA Archery. Nominations are provided by the Officials and Rules Committee and must be ratified by USA Archery Board of Directors. WAA Certification seminars are announced via the newsletter.