How can I get line stickers?

How can I get line stickers? How to purchase Stickers Tap the Home tab > Stickers under Services. Select the sticker set you want to buy. Tap Purchase. Why are line stickers not for sale?

How can I get line stickers?

How to purchase Stickers

  1. Tap the Home tab > Stickers under Services.
  2. Select the sticker set you want to buy.
  3. Tap Purchase.

Why are line stickers not for sale?

Some stickers are only available in certain countries. If the sticker set’s details page says “Not on Sale,” or if you cannot find the set in the Sticker Shop, that means you cannot purchase or download it. Thank you for your feedback.

Can I buy line points?

It has many features, including all kinds of stickers, emojis, and GIFs you can purchase with Line Points. Previously known as Line Coins, you can buy them through iTunes and Google Play, but if you don’t want to spend money on them, there are some methods you can use to get them for free.

Can you refund line sticker?

We are happy to announce that all refunds for the duplicate sticker payments on November 14 have been completed. Please note that customers who paid by credit card may receive the refund later depending on the billing cycle of their card company.

How do I change my region in line?

Transferring your account

  1. On your new device, open LINE and tap Log in.
  2. Tap Log in with phone number.
  3. Select your country, enter your phone number, and tap the arrow.
  4. Enter the six-digit verification code that’s sent to you via text message.
  5. Tap Yes, that’s my account.
  6. Enter your password and tap the arrow.

How do line stickers work?

With Message Stickers, users can write any message they want in the preset caption space and create their own unique LINE stickers. Users are free to use the stickers as they are or edit messages for individual stickers as many times as they like.

How do I check my LINE points?

To see a record of your earned and exchanged Points, and the expiration date of your existing points, tap the (☰) menu icon in LINE Points. For more information, please see the Free Coins page on your smartphone.

Do LINE points expire?

About Points Points are valid for 180 days from the last day you received Points. To check when your Points will expire: 1. From the LINE main menu, tap the Wallet or More tab > LINE POINTS.

Where can I get line stickers for free?

Friend LINE GIFTSHOP’s official account to get these stickers for free. (more…) ABRA is the MOST VIEWED PINOY on YouTube with his hit song GAYUMA! Want his stickers? Add Abra’s Official Account and get them free!

When do the new line Stickers come out?

[Big Stickers] Tahilalats: New Me LINE Stickers | This Tahilalats big sticker holiday set will only be available till January 3, 2019. Don’t miss out! –

What to write on very Miss Rabbit stickers?

Fill these Very Miss Rabbit custom stickers with the words you want to write. Be sure to preview your caption before purchasing. (more…) [BIG] What Girls Want Year-End Stickers LINE Stickers | Wishing you a very merry Christmas!

Where can I get line bubble 2 stickers for free?

Clear specific in-game stages in LINE Bubble 2 to get these stickers for free. (more…) Back for more by popular demand, here’s the third set of limited edition stickers from Baskin-Robbins, just in time for Halloween! Spend 300 Yen or more to get a special seal and input the attached serial number to get this set!