What is an alt 1 DOB NYC?

What is an alt 1 DOB NYC? In NYC an Alteration Type 1 or Alt 1 is a building alteration that requires a new Certificate Of Occupancy. An Alteration Type 2 or Alt 2 is

What is an alt 1 DOB NYC?

In NYC an Alteration Type 1 or Alt 1 is a building alteration that requires a new Certificate Of Occupancy. An Alteration Type 2 or Alt 2 is a building alteration that does not require a new certificate of occupancy.

What is a letter of completion NYC DOB?

A Letter of Completion is issued for minor alterations to properties and confirms the work complies with all applicable laws, all paperwork has been completed, all fees owed to the Department have been paid, all relevant violations have been resolved and all necessary approvals have been received from other City …

How long does it take to get a NYC DOB permit?

Landmark Approval (expedited) – 4-7 business days. Landmark Approval (standard) – 4-6 weeks.

What is NYC DOB Directive 14?

What is Directive 14 Filing? Directive 14 refers to the buildings bulletin of 1975. This is an amendment to the NYC building code and zoning law that enabled professionals to certify their applications rather than having them go through a full department (DOB) review.

What is Alt 3 Do I need permit NY City?

Alteration Type 3 (Alt3) permits are filed for alterations that involve only one type of minor work that does not affect use, egress or occupancy of the space. Examples: Temporary fences. Curb cuts.

What is PAA in DOB?

The Applicant of Record can file a Post Approval Amendment (PAA) when the approved Scope of Work needs to be updated. The following rules apply to PAA filings in DOB NOW: Build: Only one PAA can be in progress at a time. A PAA can only be filed by an Applicant of Record.

How do I create a DOB now account?

  1. Go to eFiling Registration Form, and fill out the account information.
  2. Select I have a license or DOB-issued ID #.
  3. Enter your license number and business name in the appropriate section.
  4. Read the Agreement section, and click Submit.
  5. You will receive an email asking you to activate your account.

What is a directive 14?

A Directive 14 is a Building Department memorandum that was issued by the Building Department in 1975 to allow the architect or engineer to take greater responsibility for code compliance of the plans. Approximately 80% of the applications received by the Building department are “Directive 14” applications.

How to apply for PW1 in New York City?

First Name Middle Initial Business Name Business Telephone Business Address Business Fax City State Zip Mobile Telephone E-Mail License Number Choose one: P.E. R.A. Sign Hanger R.L.A. Other: 2Required for Applicant Information all applications.

How to enter plans / work ( PW1 ) information?

Complete the following steps enter the Plans/Work (PW1) information: Step Action 1. Click the Location Informationheading to expand the section. Note Important Form Information – required sections, fields, and read-only fields

When do you select PW1 in Dob now?

If Mechanical Work was selected as the initial Work Type, the Job Filing displays. The Plans/Work (PW1) tab is selected and must be completed before the Job Filing can be saved. DOB NOW: Build –PLANS/WORK (PW1) STEP-BY-STEP GUIDES

What does PW1 standpipe stand for in NYC?

SD – Standpipe PW1B OT/LAN – Landscape FB – Fuel Burning PW1C MH – Mechanical SP – Sprinkler PW1B 6F OT/ANT – Antenna 6B EQ – Construction 6C OT/GC – General 6D OT – Other, describe: OT/BPP – Builders Pavement Plan 8D Equipment 15 Construction OT/FPP – Fire Protection Plan OT/MAR – Marquee 8E, 26B 1 Location Information