How much do Halfords charge to fit number plates?

How much do Halfords charge to fit number plates? It’s easy to get number plates made, and here at Halfords we can also fit your new or replacement plates for you – either using adhesive

How much do Halfords charge to fit number plates?

It’s easy to get number plates made, and here at Halfords we can also fit your new or replacement plates for you – either using adhesive pads to fix the plates to the vehicle, or drilling the plates for you to keep them firmly in place. Our number plates start from £16.25, and we fit your plate for £5.

Can you fit a number plate yourself?

If you are fitting your number plate with screws, you will need to drill holes into it. One way to do it is by drilling the holes from the back. This is the recommended way to do it by most manufacturers. The other way is by drilling it from the front after applying masking tape on the plate.

How do you fit number plates without screws?

How to Fit a Car Number Plate Without Screws

  1. By far the easiest way to fix a new number plate to your car is with VELCRO® Brand Heavy Duty Tape.
  2. To apply VELCRO® Brand Heavy Duty Tape to your number plate, start making sure that both surfaces (the back of the plate and your car) are clean and dry.

How long does it take to fit number plates?

How long will it take to fit my new number plates? It will take approximately 15 minutes to replace your plates. Time may vary depending on how your current number plates are fitted. If you have some stubborn rusty screws, it might take a bit longer than usual!

Are 4D number plates legal UK?

4D plates are still regarded as 3D, and therefore are permitted under current UK law. As all of the number plates that we manufacture at Utopia Plates meet these requirements, all of our number plates are fully road legal and have been verified by the DVLA themselves upon visiting our premises.

Do number plates have to be screwed on?

Any number plates you buy usually come without any holes. You can make holes in them, in order to attach the number plate with screws. It’s also possible to get number plate sticky pads.

Can you drill holes in number plates?

Simply lay your old plates precisely over the new plates. The holes on the old plates will show you exactly where they need to be positioned on the new plates. All you have to do is mark the positions with a pen and you will be able to drill the holes in the correct locations.

What is the next reg plate?

The March number plates are the year, while the September plates are the year plus 50. So, from 1st March 2021 new cars will have had 21 in their number plate, while new car registrations from 1st September will have 71 reg plates….

Year of car registration Plate from March-onwards Plate from September-onwards
2029 29 79

How do I get a new number plate from Halfords?

Ordering new plates is simple. Use our online form and enter your registration and choose from the options to personalise your plates. It doesn’t matter if you’ve got a private number plate or cherished personalised plate, they all work the same way. Once you’ve ordered your new car reg plates, they’ll be delivered to your local Halfords store .

Do you need to change your registration number with Halfords?

If you are changing the registration number of your car, by transferring a personalised number plate, for example, then you’ll obviously need to swap the plates. Finally, using the Halfords number plate service, you can personalise your number plates with our choice of badge, surround and trim – confident that you’re not breaking any laws.

Where can I get a car number plate fitting?

*Fitting only – price shown does not include number plate cost, only available in the UK. Pre-booking for fitting may be required. To arrange number plate fitting, please contact your local store. Fitting is subject to vehicle inspection.

Where can I get a car fitting at Halfords?

Most of our fitting services can be booked online, during the checkout process for your chosen product. Simply pick a time and location that suits you. For car bulbs, windscreen wiper blades and batteries, we offer ‘while you wait’ or same day fitting at our stores and garages.