How do I get rid of Gandmool?

How do I get rid of Gandmool? Remedies The native must do shanti karma when the day repeats. The native must organize a shanti poojab after 27 days of birth. Chant mahamritunjaya jaap regularly. Offer

How do I get rid of Gandmool?


  1. The native must do shanti karma when the day repeats.
  2. The native must organize a shanti poojab after 27 days of birth.
  3. Chant mahamritunjaya jaap regularly.
  4. Offer food to Brahmins.
  5. The father of the newly born child must not see the face of the baby.

Is Gandmool good or bad?

These ill effects are not mentioned in classical texts and not even astrologers know about it. Six out of twenty seven nakshatras are Gand Mool Nakshatras. This implies 20% of the population of the world is inauspicious. Does this mean other 80% population is auspicious.

What is nakshatra Shanti Puja?

The Nakshatra Shanti puja is directed to nullify the bad effects of the nakshatras. It prevails at the time of the birth of a person. The puja aims to finish the bad effects of the planets in their main periods or sub-periods. Also to get the beneficial results from the same planets.

What is Mool Shanti?

Mool Shanti Samagri is used to alleviate the negative effects of the natal moon’s position in Aswini, Ashlesha, Magha, Jyeshtha, Moola or Revati. Depending on the natal chart, they may be combined with Homa to Ganesha, Durga, Vishnu or Siva, or with the Navagraha Shanti Homa.

Which nakshatra is bad for birth?

They cause Doshas at the time of birth, usually referred to as Gand- Moolarisht. The survival of the child born under this is critical since Moola Nakshatra is the most malefic. Birth under Moola 1 is harmful to the father and under Moola 2 to the mother.

What is Moola Nakshatra Dosha?

Gandmool Dosh is formed due to placement of Moon in some specific quarters of Ashwini, Ashlesha, Magha, Jyeshtha, Moola and Revati nakshatra in the horoscope of a native.

What is Gandmool in English?

The Gandmool Nakshatra falls under the category of ominous or unlucky constellations. Akashvani, Ashlesha, Magha, Jyeshtha, Mool and Revati fall into the Gandmool Nakshatra category. When zodiac and constellation finish in the same position, then the position is called the Gandmool Nakshatra.

Is ashlesha a bad Nakshatra?

The ninth Nakshatra on the Zodiac belt, it is located in the range of 16.40 – 30.00 degrees in Cancer. Ashlesha Nakshatra is the embodiment of the planet Mercury, and the deity that is associated with this Nakshatra is Naga. The negative aspects of Ashlesha Nakshatra can be darkness and dishonesty.

Which Nakshatra is not good for baby birth?

Moola- Designated Nakshatras Nakshatra falls at the junctions of the three groups called Moola or Ganda-Moola Nakshatras. Thus we have Ashlesha and Magh, Jyeshta and Moola, Revathi and Ashwini. The birth of a child in this Nakshatra is quite harmful to the child or to the mother or to the family.

Is Moola Nakshatra auspicious?

Moola Nakshatra is a very auspicious Nakshatra for investigating any matter in depth. You can gather knowledge or people or any other important things during this period. As per Vedic texts, Moola Nakshatra is very suitable for planting, gardening and other agricultural activities.