Who was on the jury in 12 Angry Men?

Who was on the jury in 12 Angry Men? Cast: Henry Fonda (Juror #8), Lee J. Cobb (Juror #3), Ed Begley, Sr. (Juror No. 10), E.G. Marshall (Juror #4), Jack Klugman (Juror #5), Jack Warden

Who was on the jury in 12 Angry Men?

Cast: Henry Fonda (Juror #8), Lee J. Cobb (Juror #3), Ed Begley, Sr. (Juror No. 10), E.G. Marshall (Juror #4), Jack Klugman (Juror #5), Jack Warden (Juror #7), Martin Balsam (Juror #1), John Fiedler (Juror #2), Ed Binns (Juror #6), Robert Webber (Juror #12).

Who is the most important juror in 12 Angry Men?

Juror 8
In 12 Angry Men, the major character is Juror 8, because he’s the one who ignites the discussion that compels the jurors to think about the case differently.

Who is the 12th juror?

12 Angry Men Juror #12 (Robert Webber) Juror #12 is kind of a strange bird. One of the first things we learn about him is that he works in the advertising industry; as he says to another juror, “You know, in advertising…

Is Juror number 1 the foreman?

Juror #1 seems like a soft-spoken person who’s willing to assert himself when he needs to. He makes a decent effort at trying to keep the other jurors in order because as Juror #1, he is also the jury’s foreman and is responsible for keeping the group under control.

Was 12 angry men a real case?

1. It was inspired by a real jury duty experience.

Who is the antagonist 12 Angry Men?

Juror 3 is the third of twelve jury members and the main antagonist in the teleplay and movie 12 Angry Men. He was portrayed by the late Lee J. Cobb in the 1957 film, and by the late George C. Scott in the 1997 TV film.

How does 12 Angry Jurors end?

After convincing the jury to give a Not Guilty verdict, Juror #8 walks over to #3, his nemesis, and puts his coat on for him. The gesture shows us that despite the extent to which they’ve argued in the jury room, there will be no hard feelings once they head back into the world.

Who picks the jury foreman?

A head juror is called the “foreperson”, “foreman” or “presiding juror”. The foreperson may be chosen before the trial begins, or at the beginning of the jury’s deliberations. The foreperson may be selected by the judge or by vote of the jurors, depending on the jurisdiction.

Who are the jurors in Twelve Angry Men?

Seven is the juror who continuously expresses a desire to wrap up the process quickly and leave. He is loud and… read analysis of Seven Get the entire Twelve Angry Men LitChart as a printable PDF. “My students can’t get enough of your charts and their results have gone through the roof.”

Who is the central character in Twelve Angry Men?

-Graham S. The central character in the play, Eight is the only juror to initially vote “not guilty.” This vote, which prevents an immediate unanimous guilty decision, and his insistence that the jurors commit time and effort… read analysis of Eight

Who is the protagonist of the play the jury?

That juror, who is known in the script as Juror #8, is the protagonist of the play. As tempers flare and the arguments begin, the audience learns about each member of the jury. Yet, none of them has a name; they are simply known by their juror numbers.

Who is the final holdout at the end of Twelve Angry Men?

Three is the final holdout in claiming the accused is guilty at the end of the play. His strong belief in the guilt of the youth seems to stem from… read analysis of Three