How difficult is the Cuillin ridge?

How difficult is the Cuillin ridge? 12km long, 3000m of ascent, 11 Munros (peaks over 914m or 3000ft), over 30 summits and technical rock climbing up to Very Difficult (if the easiest line is taken)

How difficult is the Cuillin ridge?

12km long, 3000m of ascent, 11 Munros (peaks over 914m or 3000ft), over 30 summits and technical rock climbing up to Very Difficult (if the easiest line is taken) makes the Cuillin ridge traverse the most challenging mountaineering journey in the United Kingdom.

Where does the Cuillin Ridge start?

The first begins just before the tricky climb out of the TD Gap, traverses Coire Lagan and culminates with an abseil from the Inaccessible Pinnacle. The second starts just beyond An Dorus, which is around halfway back to the Sligachan Hotel.

How many Munros does Cuillin Ridge have?

11 Munros
The iconic ridge of the Black Cuillin is the UK’s most challenging mountain range. Over 11 kilometres long and above 3,000 feet in places, the ridge contains 11 Munros and 16 other summits. The highest point is Sgurr Alasdair at 3,254.59 feet.

How do you traverse the Cuillin Ridge?

The full Cuillin Ridge Traverse involves climbing to Severe, abseils, and miles of steep, exposed scrambling. A rough walk in with 900m of ascent accesses the ridge. The traverse form end to end is itself about 12km with another 3000m of ascent, before a descent of almost 1000m and a 6km walk out to Sligachan.

Where is the Cuillin ridge?

The Cuillin Ridge is the traverse of the main summits of the Black Cuillin Mountains in Skye, one of the Western Isles in the Inner Hebrides off the west coast of Scotland.

Where are the Cuillins?

Isle of Skye
The Cuillin (Scottish Gaelic: An Cuilthionn or An Cuiltheann) is a range of rocky mountains located on the Isle of Skye in Scotland. The main Cuillin ridge is also known as the Black Cuillin to distinguish it from the Red Cuillin (na Beanntan Dearga, known locally as Red Hills), which lie to the east of Glen Sligachan.

How long is the trotternish Ridge?

Stretching north from Portree, it provides a challenging 20 mile walk and, although none of the summits stand much over 700 metres, tackling the whole ridge leaves you just as satisfied as the Munro-bagger who has clocked up his or her latest peak.

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