How do I fix my Apple ID is disabled?

How do I fix my Apple ID is disabled? How to unlock a disabled Apple ID Head to Enter your Apple ID email. Follow along with the prompts to unlock your account. If you’re

How do I fix my Apple ID is disabled?

How to unlock a disabled Apple ID

  1. Head to
  2. Enter your Apple ID email.
  3. Follow along with the prompts to unlock your account.
  4. If you’re not successful, you can call Apple support at 800-APL-CARE (800-275-2273) or chat with an Apple specialist.

Why does my iPhone keep saying my account is disabled?

The most common reason an account has been disabled in the App Store and iTunes is you’ve entered the wrong password multiple times. This is a security feature; otherwise, someone could keep guessing your password until they gained access to your account! Your device forgot about you.

Why when I try to download an app it says Apple ID disabled?

If you see a message that says “Your account has been disabled in the App Store and iTunes”, there may be a problem with the payment method that you have on file. When you see the message, don’t try to edit any of your account information. Instead, contact Apple Support for help.

Why has Apple locked my account?

Apple automatically locks iCloud accounts and Apple IDs that it believes are at risk of unauthorised access, and this locking is partly triggered by what it perceives may be unusual user activity.

How do you download apps with a locked Apple ID?

Helpful answers

  1. Open Safari on a Mac or PC.
  2. Visit Apple’s iForgot site:
  3. Enter the First Name, Last Name and Current Email Address fields.
  4. Click Next.
  5. If you have two-step verification enabled you’ll need to enter the Recovery Key.
  6. Enter the New Password and Confirm Password fields.

Why does my Apple account keep getting locked?

Someone may be trying to sign into your account and is entering the wrong password too many times. You can also add 2 Factor Authentication to your account for more security. If the attempts continue, you might want to consider a name change. Link to contact Apple Support in the article.

Does Apple support lock your account?

Answer: A: It’s phishing. In a message Apple will always address you by your real name, never by your email address or Dear Customer. Apple will never threaten to lock your account.

What to do if your Apple ID has been disabled?

You can unlock your Apple ID after you verify your identity. If your Apple ID is locked for security reasons, you might see one of these alerts: “This Apple ID has been disabled for security reasons”. “You can’t sign in because your account was disabled for security reasons”. “This Apple ID has been locked for security reasons”.

Why is my Apple ID account not working?

This is just a safety precaution Apple take in order to keep your account safe from hackers. Another reason as to why your Apple ID has been disabled is because you haven’t signed into your Apple ID account in quite a while.

What does it mean when your Apple ID is locked?

If you or someone else enters your password, security questions, or other account information incorrectly too many times, your Apple ID automatically locks to protect your security and you can’t sign in to any Apple services.

How do I Reset my Apple ID password?

When you visit Apple’s website, click Manage your Apple ID, enter your Apple ID and password, and click Sign In. If you enter your password correctly, you’ll be prompted to reset your password or to update your security questions.