Does Earl GREY tea really help sunburn?

Does Earl GREY tea really help sunburn? When you’ve been out in the sun, have a cool bath and pour in Earl Grey tea (leave the bags in the bath too). The tannins from the

Does Earl GREY tea really help sunburn?

When you’ve been out in the sun, have a cool bath and pour in Earl Grey tea (leave the bags in the bath too). The tannins from the leaves and the bergamot sooth and restore your skin… plus it smells amazing. Trust me!

What kind of tea helps with sunburn?

Rich in antioxidants, black tea has been used for years to treat irritated and damaged skin, such as sunburns. Soak several tea bags in cool water and allow the tannins to release. You’ll know this when the water darkens substantially, indicating that the tea bags and water are ready to apply.

Does Earl GREY tea clear skin?

As a tea, I love Earl Grey because it’s packed with antioxidants such as Polyphenol as well as the calming aroma of Bergamot, Earl Grey is also very soothing, helping to relax and restore balance to the mind and body. Its benefits go beyond that though, when applied topically, it really can work wonders for the skin.

Is drinking Earl GREY tea good for your skin?

Skin Health Flavonoids (aka polyphenols) are among the antioxidant group responsible for the elimination of free-radicals. Black tea and bergamot oil both contain high levels of these antioxidants, making Earl Grey an advocate for skin health and balanced aging.

How do I get rid of a sunburn overnight?

How to heal sunburn faster

  1. Get lots of sleep. Sleep restriction disrupts your body’s production of certain cytokines that help your body manage inflammation.
  2. Avoid tobacco use.
  3. Avoid additional sun exposure.
  4. Apply aloe vera.
  5. Cool bath.
  6. Apply hydrocortisone cream.
  7. Stay hydrated.
  8. Try a cold compress.

What takes sting out of sunburn?

Pop an aspirin, ibuprofen or another non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medication to ease pain and reduce swelling. A hydrocortisone cream can help take the edge off, too. Slather on moisturizer. Whether your skin is newly burned or already peeling, moisturizer helps promote healing.

How do you get rid of a sunburn ASAP?

How often to take Earl Grey tea for sunburns?

Because no official studies have been done on the effectiveness of Earl Grey helping soothe sunburns, there aren’t any true suggestions for how many tea bags you’ll need. Jegasothy recommends 20 to 30 bags, though. Or you can just take pain reliever every eight hours.

What can you put in a tea bag for a sunburn?

Mint leaves are known for their natural cooling effect. It soothes the sunburn and provides relief from the pain and itchiness. Boil 1 quart of water. To a bowl add 5 tea bags (detach the strings) and 3 cups of fresh mint leaves.

Is there bergamot oil in Earl Grey tea?

“Bergamot oil has been found to be a decent suppressor of nitric oxide, which is a common mediator of sunburn,”Jegasothy explains. “So this type of bergamot oil found in Earl Grey tea may indeed soothe sunburn, although it has never been really studied in medical literature.”.

Which is better for skin green tea or Earl Grey tea?

“It is widely known that green tea [antioxidants] such as epigallocatechin-3-gallate (ECGC) are potent antioxidants that can reduce free radical damage caused by UV radiation in skin cells,” Jegasothy says. As for black teas like Earl Grey, they don’t have as high levels of ECGC as green tea.