Can I draw a polygon on Google Maps?

Can I draw a polygon on Google Maps? Draw a path or polygon . To make a path or polygon into a 3D object, click Altitude. A “New Path” or “New Polygon” dialog will pop

Can I draw a polygon on Google Maps?

Draw a path or polygon . To make a path or polygon into a 3D object, click Altitude. A “New Path” or “New Polygon” dialog will pop up. To draw the line or shape you want, click a start point on the map and drag.

How do I measure a polygon on Google Maps?

  1. On your computer, open Google Earth.
  2. Search for a place, or select a location on the globe.
  3. On the left, click Measure. .
  4. Click the map to set measurement points.
  5. To remove a point, on the right, click Undo .
  6. To complete your line measurement, double-click on your last point, or click Done .

How do I extract a polygon from Google Maps?

In Google Earth, create the polygon that you wish to bring into RockWorks. Or, locate the polygon that currently exists in your Saved Places listing. Right-click on the item, and choose Copy from the pop-up menu. Or, right-click on the item, and choose Save Place As to save the locations in a KMZ file.

How do I import a polygon into Google Maps?

The answer is no, an encoded polygon cannot be imported. For a shape to be imported to My Maps, it must first be converted to a KML file. BlueCollar laid out the first step, which is to use Google’s encoding API to decode the encoded shapes into Lat/Lng pairs. The KML file can then be imported.

Can I make a radius on Google Maps?

Google Maps does not support the radius functionality, which means that you can’t determine the radius around a given location. But you can measure the distance between two or more points. As a quick reminder, the radius of a circle is the distance from its edge to its center.

How to draw a polygon using mouse on Google Maps?

Draw polygon using mouse on google maps. I need to draw polygon using mouse and mark a particular area on Google maps. The purpose is to mark an area on Google maps and then showing hotels and attractions on that area. The user will mark the hotels on Google map while creating them so the db will have their latitude and longitudes.

What is the definition of a polygon in Google Maps?

google.maps.Polygon class. A polygon (like a polyline) defines a series of connected coordinates in an ordered sequence. Additionally, polygons form a closed loop and define a filled region. See the samples in the developer’s guide, starting with a simple polygon, a polygon with a hole, and more.

How to get coordinates for a polygon drawing?

If all you need is the coordinates here is a drawing tool I like to use – move the polygon or re-shape it and the coordinates will display right below the map: jsFiddle here.

How to use polylines and polygons in Android maps?

PolylineOptions; import com. google. android. gms. maps. model. RoundCap; * and polygons to represent areas. GoogleMap. OnPolylineClickListener, GoogleMap. OnPolygonClickListener { // Retrieve the content view that renders the map. // Get the SupportMapFragment and request notification when the map is ready to be used.